Thursday, September 13, 2012

M.A.Mama is back:-) Written in June

I am posting this for my own reference. This was written in June but for some reasons I didn't post it.
I am posting this to mark the restart of MA Mama!

It's been three months since I have OFFICIALLY started TEYL distant learning course at Aston uni.
I am currently taking Foundation Module which is like introduction module for the Master's course. We have 5 portfolio Tasks in which 2 of them are required and one is related to your core module and the other one is your choice. I have done SPER analysis, Action Research proposal, Spoken Interaction Analysis and Teaching Young Learners related task, Writing Pathway for the entire course and half way through the final evaluation. 

What I found in this basic module is that the regular Skype meetings and constant exchange with my tutor via e-mails are two key elements to keep my motivation. Becoming familiar with literature in the field that I feel interested and relevant to my research and finding a focus for my research that is related to my current work or objectives are challenging yet rewarding. Some days, I start reading a research paper from the morning one after another until my hungry daughter comes home.

I have become a novice teacher-researcher who just started investigating what is happening in class.
Hope I find something valuable.

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